Les 7 Meilleurs Podologues à Tours

Do not neglect your nails and feet and treat yourself to the care you need with the best podologists in Tours. If you are a tourain or someone passing through the city of Tours, then this guide is for you. Avoid at all costs the first podiatrist you meet outside. A posturologist Tours podiatrist will follow your case, and offer adequate support.

If you do not have an exact reference, if you have decided to change your practitioner or you are under an emergency then this guide Best podologists in Tours will be of great use to you.

Discover today, the best podologists in the city of Tours, which our team has carefully selected for you. A detailed list, with opinions, photos and advice for your first consultation.

Our list of best podologists in Tours

Antoine Lorenzartti

4.8 (on 25 Google reviews)
Located 2.8 km from the city center

Antoine Lorenzatti is a posturologist podiatrist who welcomes you in his office in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire. Pedicure care, comprehensive posture exams, athletes' assessment or care for calcanean thorns. You will find a firm equipped for any assessment necessary to solve your problem or training and rehabilitation. After 2 years of replacements across France, Antoine starts his activity in office in 2018 to accommodate patients in an emergency or by appointment. We highly recommend this practitioner for his professionalism, his training and his know-how. Antoine also has an experience for treating children's children and injuries.

Edouard Baffou

4.6  (out of 10 Google reviews)
Located 1.9 km from the city center

Edouard Baffou has been welcoming patients since 2009 to treat skin, nails and foot pathologies. If you want to take advantage and exercise for a Calcanean thorn, then this practitioner is ideal for you. Plantar pain, claw toe, Morton neuroma, or other foot diseases. Take care with Edouard your pain due to plantar fasciitis or any inflammation. We advise this Podiatrist and Posturologist Tours practitioner for his pointed support and precious advice. Edouart offers orthopedic soles after a podological assessment, as well as podology monitoring consultations.

Estelle Morales

5.0 (out of 4 Google reviews)
Located 0.7 km from the city center
Estèlle Moralès is a pedicure-podiatrist who welcomes you in her office in the center of Tours. It offers pedicure care, cutting the nails and eliminating the "horn" with advanced instruments. Estèlle offers local treatments, such as moisturizing creams, antiseptics and antifungals. These treatments are prescribed by the practitioner according to the specific need of the patient and the case of his foot or his nail. For people with a nail malformation, Estèlle offers equipment using resin strips that stick to the nail matrix. We advise this practitioner for his great experience in the office which dates from 1999.

Elodie Renault

4.5 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 0.7 km from the city center

Elodie Renaul has been a podiatrist who has been receiving patients in her office since 2005. She offers 3D soles, simple consultations, orthoplastic consultations, a unwanted reconstruction or for other pathologies such as the retraction of gastrocnemians. Elodie also collaborates with the practitioner Anne Pouteaux, for occasional replacements. State graduate in 2004 at the National Institute of Podology, We advise Elodie Renault for her quick meetings, and her permanent professionalism. Elodie is also available to customers, for regular remote monitoring or through optimized and few sessions if your case requires it.

Matthieu Casenave

4.8 (out of 24 Google reviews)
Located 4.5 km from the city center

Following a podology training, Matthieu Casenave has been offering his services since 2010 in his office located in Tours since 2010. Also trained in acupuncture as well as in plantar reflexology, Matthieu is interested in Chinese medicine and posturology. If you have a particular need for feet rehabilitation, in balance or for a post-traumatic case following an accident or an operation then Matthieu will be able to accompany you in his office or at home in Tours and his surroundings. We advise him for his thirst to learn and the training he counts to date. Matthieu also offers support for patients with a need for motor preferences.

Solène Jarrot

4.8 (out of 5 Google reviews)
Located 1.3 km from the city center

After an experience in Condorcet, and another in plantar reflexology Solène Jarrot offers his services as a foot specialist and podiatrist. It can treat Calcanese thorns, and accompany you with a kiesiotaping dedicated to your particular case. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or similar inflammation then our practitioner will take care of you. We advise her for her passion for this field, which is reflected in the quality of her services. Smiling and very professional, Solène does not hesitate to advise her patients, and to explain certain aspects and important points to keep in mind during consultations.

Roman Piton

4.8 (out of 8 Google reviews)
Located 1.3 km from the city center

The Center of Pedicuria, Podology of Sport and Clinical Posturology C3P welcomes you with Romain Piton every day with his team for pedicuria-podology care. A graduate of the Rennes school, he offers podological, and posturological assessments as well as sports balance sheets. It can set up proprioceptive taping, analyze the posture of cyclists and even offer assessments for learning disorders. We recommend Romain Piton for its structure, and the skills recorded of his team. You can ask for advice for your scheme, for prevention and for protection in the event of an accident, operation or other events impacting your daily life.

  • Convenient: Yes ✅
  • Schedules : The cabinet is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Cabinet address: 223 rue de Cormery, 37550 Saint-Avertin
  • Telephone number: 02 47 74 62 85
  • 🔔 Cabinet location and opinion: https://goo.gl/maps/C4BCpHhvsvHmf5cFA
  • 👉 Make an appointment here : https://www.c3p-podologie.fr/

    Roman Piton cabinet

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