Quelles sont les meilleures chaussures de ville pour porter des semelles orthopédiques ?

Orthopedic insoles must be worn daily to improve your posture and relieve your plantar pain in the long term. This is why he is strongly recommended to wear your insoles with your city shoes. But how to wear them well? And with what type of shoes? We tell you everything in this article.

The benefits of wearing orthopedic insoles

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Wear some Orthopedic sole is ideal if:

In fact, wearing orthopedic insoles helps immediately reduce pain, and provide you with long-term correction of your posture. This not only allows cure certain pathologies, but also prevent your health problems from getting worse and relieve your body. 🙏

You also benefit from greater comfort in your shoes, and can therefore live a normal life even if you suffer from plantar or back pain.

However, it is important to take into account a few elements to wear your orthopedic insoles correctly. The first is the choice of shoes.

Which city shoes to pair with your soles?

Dress shoes are the shoes that are waiting for you ready to be put on in the entryway of your home. These are the ones you go out with every day, to go to the office or to run errands. They are also those who accompany you during events or special occasions. Also, city shoes include many categories of shoes, such as sneakers, moccasins, sandals, and it's important to know how to pair your orthotic insoles with each. 👞 

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Orthopedic sneakers and insoles

👟 Sneakers are the most recommended type of shoes when wearing orthopedic insoles. They already benefit from a thick outsole, which improves shock absorption and helps protect your foot. To wear orthopedic insoles adapted to your foot, we advise you to remove the original soles of your sneakers to slip in your custom-made orthopedic insoles. This will allow you to be more comfortable in your sneakers!

Leather city shoes and orthopedic insoles

👞 Leather dress shoes like derbies or brogues are essential for men's work wardrobe. However, if they allow a chic work look, they are not always comfortable. The port of leather orthopedic insoles will allow you to both correct your plantar pathologies, and also to benefit from greater comfort on a daily basis.

Moccasins and orthopedic insoles

Loafers can be made of leather or faux leather and are dress shoes worn by both men and women. Generally, moccasins have a fairly thin outsole, which is not recommended in case of foot problems and back or knee pain. However, they are quite comfortable shoes to wear every day. Also, if you want to gain comfort in your moccasins, and take care of your health, we recommend that you wear silicone or plastic insoles freeze adapted to your foot.

Ballerinas and orthopedic insoles

🥿 He is generally not recommended to wear ballet flats when you suffer from plantar problems, since ballerinas have a very thin outsole. However, if you want to improve your comfort with wearing insoles, you can opt for magnetic insoles to benefit from a massage with every step.

Orthopedic boots and insoles

👢 In winter, boots are the shoes of choice for both women and men. They keep your foot warm with a shape that covers the entire lower part of your leg, and also provides better support for your ankle. Generally, boots already have a small heel which is beneficial to protect your heel from impact. However, it is recommended to wear orthopedic insoles for shoes in it to be more comfortable and keep your foot in good posture all day long.

How much do orthopedic insoles for street shoes cost?

The price of your orthotic insoles will depend on the type of orthotic insoles you purchase. 💰Here are the variables that can increase or decrease the cost:

  • The material: silicone, cork, gel or leather
  • Made to measure: are the insoles one size or custom made?
  • Your pathology: the sole must meet your health concerns

In general, count between €20 and €40 for orthopedic insoles purchased in pharmacies or online.

For custom-made insoles, prices can vary between €100 to €400. 🤑 However, part of it is reimbursed by social security or your mutual insurance depending on your plan.

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How to properly wear your orthopedic insoles

  • Choose the type of insoles suited to your foot and pathology
  • Remove the original sole from your dress shoes
  • Slip your orthopedic insoles in
  • Wear your orthopedic insoles every day to achieve results on your health
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