Les 7 Meilleurs Podologues à Angers

Give your nails and feet, the care they deserve with the best podiatrists in Angers.

Are you an Angevin or passing you soon in the city of Angers and its surroundings?

Do not try to choose the first apparent podiatrist on a directory in the city of Angers. A Podiatrist Angers pedicure is at your service to offer you the best care, follow -ups and balance sheets. If you have no reference, if you are in Angers or if you have decided to change your podiatrist, then this guide of Best podologists in Angers is for you.

Discover without further delay the best podologists in Angers that we have selected for you. A detailed list, with useful opinions and information for your first appointment.

Our list of best podologists in Angers

Nathalie Etourneau

5.0 (on 2 Google reviews)
Located 1.6 km from the city center

Nathalie Etourneau welcomes you every day except Saturday, in her office for pedicuria care, in order to treat your skin, nails and feet affections. Adjust your sound treatment concerns, hyperkeratoses, your embodied nails, traumatized nails, warts and other concerns impacting aesthetics and daily walking. Marie also offers static and dynamic examinations for the analysis of the locomotor system. A graduate of ESMKP, this practitioner has practiced since 2017 in his office in Angers since 2017. We recommend it for its fair pricing, and an excellent value for money service In our list of Angers podologists.

 Cabinet Nathalie Etourneau


Gaëlle Le Traon

Located 1.9 km from the city center

If you are looking for a good Podiatrist Angers, do not hesitate to go to Gaëlle Le Traon. Gaëlle welcomes you for the design of your orthopedic soles, a complete podological assessment and regular monitoring with as few sessions as possible to guarantee you a seine and noticed progression. Whether it is a hematoma under the toe nail, a traumatic nail, a diabetic foot resulting from a poorly controlled diabetes, our practitioner accompanies you step by step, starting with a balance sheet then a follow -up cabinet or at home. We advise Gaëlle Le Traon for her professionalism and her very simple educational support.

 Gaëlle Le Traon Cabinet


Alexis Robert

5.0 (out of 4 Google reviews)
Located 1.7 km from the city center

In the podology cabinet Robert et Subileau, Alexis Robert welcomes you to treat pathologies linked to morphology, posture, environment and sports trauma, accident trauma and other serious trauma in everyday life. It designs conventional, proprioceptive and thermoformed soles. Alexis also intervenes at the Comed Basket Anjou club and has several training courses since his diploma in 2012. We highly recommend this practitioner for his great sports experience, His running training, Dynamic Tape and his useful additional training for treating high -level athletes, such as athletes who want a complete posture assessment and specific support.

 Cabinet Alexis Robert


Véronique Moreau Couturier

3.7 (on 3 Google reviews)
Located 0.7 km from the city center

Véronique Couturier Moreau welcomes you in her office in downtown Angers, as well as at home by appointment or for an emergency. After her training in Rennes in 2006 and her state diploma obtained in 2001, Véronique trained in sport podology in Toulouse in 2012 to then start her activity in Angers. We recommend it for her great experience, and its ability to follow patients closely or remotely. Véronique can treat onychomycosis, pathologies causing discoloration of nails, nail deformation and dystrophies.

 Cabinet Véronique Moreau Couturier


Olivier Robert

4.0 (out of 5 Google reviews)
Located 1.7 km from the city center

Olivier Robert is a D.E. podiatrist who welcomes you in his office Robert & Subileau located in Angers. First of all, We advise this practitioner for his great experience in the field which dates from 1983. State -certified a graduate in 1979, Olivier took charge of pathologies related to morphology, posture, as well as the trauma and the patient's environment. He also designs orthopedic and classic soles. This practitioner also has experience in the sports podiatrist, and sports trauma. Olivier shares his office with Mr. Alexis Robert who is also on our list.

 Cabinet Olivier Robert


Anne-Laure Gault

Located 1.3 km from the city center

Do you bother you? Chronic or hereditary psoriasis? A nail trachyonychia? Consult Ms. Anne-Laure Gault who welcomes you every day in her firm of Pedicuria-Podology Saint Michel. Graduated from the State at the Bordeaux CHU in 1997, Anne-Laure held various skin, nails and foot pathologies. She performs orthopedic soles, and takes care of the process of rehabilitation of your feet as well as balance as a result of an operation, an accident or a sudden trauma. We advise Anne-Laure Gault for her professionalism and for the quality of her interventions at home as in his office.


Charly Hallard

Located 0.7 km from the city center

Available in two locations, Charly Hallrad welcomes you in his office in Angers as in Goué-en-Anjou. After her state diploma in Rennes in 2014, Charly moved to the region to offer care, balance sheets and monitoring of patients with skin, nails and feet conditions. If you are looking for a good Podiatrist Angers, Charly is undoubtedly one of the practitioners to consider. We recommend it for his publication work in the field. Consult this practitioner also for the treatment of warts, horns, embodied nails and yeast infection. Charly offers podiatric orthotics and can prescribe drugs according to the case followed.


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