Les meilleurs podologues à Strasbourg

It is very important to good hear your feet, because they are asked every day for long hours. So if you are Strasbourg resident And around or if you are simply passing through this city and you have foot problems, you need to consult!

However, it is not always easy to know to which podiatrist-pedicure to go. It is therefore to help you and guide you in your approach that we, Smartfeet, have established a non-exhaustive list of the five best Podologists in Strasbourg.

Our list of best podologists in Strasbourg

Laetitia LAN

Laetitia LAN

5.0 (on 60 Google reviews)
Located 1.3 km from the city center

Laetitia Lan is a podiatrist-spacur who holds her own cabinet in Strasbourg every day except Sunday. As a podiatrist, it can treat the deformations of the foot of all types (Hallux Valgus, Plantar Fasciitis…). State -certified a graduate in 2017, she knows how to treat the feet of people of all ages very well and will be able to take a postural assessment. She also has major pedicure skills and can also move to your home. She was also a practitioner at the Strasbourg Civil Hospital in the Podology Service, as well as in a Mutzig cabinet between 2016 and 2017. Among the five podologists we present to you, this is the practitioner The most accessible prices, with a podological assessment at € 35.

Laetitia LAN Clinical
Axel Mansart

Axel Mansart

5.0 (out of 47 Google reviews)
Located 350 m from the city center

Axel Mansart also had his state diploma in 2017. This podiatrist is one of the best in Strasbourg, attests to his notation on Google. He is able to carry out very good podological assessments, whatever your age. In addition to the pedicure care he lavishes, he apprehends diabetic care well. But His specialty lies in sport podology. Freshly out of his university degree in sport podology obtained in 2021, he also followed the training of prevention of injuries in running given by the Institute of the runner. Thus, he is able to carry out a podological assessment associated with running, as well as a Follow -up for runners. The price of the podological assessment at Mr Axel Mansart is € 40.

Hélène Kuntzel

Hélène Kuntzel

4.2 (out of 22 Google reviews)
Located 1.1 km from the city center

This practitioner from the new civilian hospital and Hautepierre hospital also has a cabinet, open from Monday to Thursday and Saturday. State graduate in 2005 in Belgium, she has since refined her skills, by succeeding in her university degree in sport podology in 2011 and that of K-TAPING therapist In 2019. Thus, these two diplomas make her one of the best Sports Podiatrists in Strasbourg. It obviously has skills in basic podology and can therefore offer you a podological assessment, whatever your age. The pedicuria has no secrets for her, and she is even capable of performing an onychoplasty and a orthonyxia to his patients. Nevertheless, its services are among the most expensive on this list, with a podological assessment at € 50.


Lucie Pinot-Pous

4.9 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 1.8 km from the city center

Lucie Pinot-Pous has been practicing the profession of podiatrist since 2001, a year in which she won her state diploma. After spending 16 years in a Lyon cabinet, she joined one in Strasbourg until 2021. She now has her own cabinet in Strasbourg, where she exercises every day except for weekends. This is undoubtedly one of Strasbourg's most versatile podologists. Indeed, it is capable of performing a podological assessment adapted to everyone, whether child, diabetic, runner etc. She is the same competent in pedicuria. It also offers plantar reflexology sessions, which is highly appreciated by a podiatrist. Although the cost of a podological assessment is not indicated in its prices, the implementation of orthopedic soles will cost you 160 €, which places its price in the high prices displayed by the podologists on our list.

Lucie Pinot-Pous Clinique

François Steimer

François Steimer

4.3 (on 25 Google reviews)
Located 2.4 km from the city center

François Steimer welcomes you to his podology cabinet in Strasbourg every day apart from Sunday (and Saturday every other week). This podiatrist is undoubtedly very gifted in the field of sports podology. Indeed, apart from his state diploma obtained in Paris in 2000, he had a university diploma in sport podology. But that's not what makes the difference. He worked for almost 13 years as Podiatrist within Sig Strasbourg, regularly cited among the best French basketball clubs. It nevertheless deals with all kinds of podological problems as The Calcanean spine. We recommend François Steimer for his skills in sport podology. With a price ranging from 130 to 160 €, the installation of orthopedic soles at MR Steimer is in the average of the rates on our list.

  • Price sections of the services offered : from 39 € to 160 €
  • Schedules : The cabinet is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. then from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. every week.
  • Cabinet address : 20 rue d'Oslo, 67000 Strasbourg
  • Phone number : 0388610510
  • 🔔 Cabinet location and opinion : https://g.page/podologue-strasbourg?share  
  • 👉 Make an appointment here : https://podologue-strasbourg-steimer.fr/ 
François Steimer Cabinet

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