Les meilleurs podologues de Rennes

The feet are essential to the proper functioning of your body. Indeed, you use them daily and they are constantly undergoing your weight, which can lead to the creation of plantar problems, from simple cors to Plantar pathologies The most disabling. It is for this reason that if you have pain in the feet, you must immediately Consult a podiatrist.

To support you in your approach, Smartfeet presents the Best podologists in the city of Rennes. You will find there prices, timetables, locations and skills of each podiatrist, to best guide you in your quest for the ideal podiatrist, if you live in Rennes or around.

Our list of best podologists in Rennes


Fabrice Izquierdo

4.3 (out of 22 Google reviews)
Located 950 m from the city center

Fabrice Izquierdo Has his podiatrist cabinet less than 1 km from the city center for 27 years now, making him a very experienced podiatrist. He can welcome you by speaking French, but also English and Spanish, which is rather rare. If he can support you for all plantar pathologies and for pedicuria, he is rather specialized in sports podology. Indeed, this is his favorite field, he was notably the podiatrist of the Stade Rennais football club for several years, as well as various clubs of handball, volleyball etc. It also supports runners and all athletes in general by the use of innovative technologies such as walking video analysis or static and dynamic postural assessment. We therefore recommend Mr Izquierdo for his in -depth skills in sport podology and for his more than reasonable prices.

Fabrice Izquierdo-Clinique


Allaire Mathilde

5.0 (out of 12 Google reviews)
Located 3.2 km from the city center

Mathilde Allaire is a podiatrist officiating within the Podology Podology Cabinet. It is important to note that that it does not provide pedicuria care, unlike other podologists. However, this is not what prevents him from performing various and varied services, at very attractive prices. Indeed, Ms. Allaire can perform K-Taping, analyze your approach to walking and racing as well as your posture, whether in a dynamic or static way. We therefore recommend this podiatrist for its availability, its know-how and its rather low prices (Orthopedic soles at € 113 while the average is € 135).

Mathilde Allaire Clinique

Loana Abgrall - Pedicure -Podiatrist Rennes

4.5 (out of 8 Google reviews)
Located 3.9 km from the city center

Loana Abrgall Has held a podology firm since 2017, a year to which she obtained her state diploma, and the least that can be said is that she leaves no one aside. Indeed, through the various services it offers, it will take care of all the plantar problems. From consultation for diabetics to the podological assessment, including embodied nails, plantar warts or orthopedic soles, everyone will find their account. We also recommend Loana Abrgall for her kindness, recognized by all patients. Many say that she is also very professional, which earned him the beautiful note of 4.5/5 from Google users.

Loana Abgrall-Rennes-Clinique Pedicure-Podiatrist

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