Les meilleurs podologues de Reims

If you have feet pain, don't fear anything. Indeed, it is not uncommon that Plantar pains Appear, since you use them all day and that they are victims of your steps and your weight. So may appear plantar problems, be it worries to pedicure (Cors, warts, crevices, etc.) or podiatry (Plantar pathologies, posture problems). The best way to remedy these problems is Consult a podiatrist, who will be able to treat you and guide you to the best solution.

So if you live in Reims or in the surrounding area, we have created a list of the best podiatrists in the city, compiling all the information necessary for each of them.

Our list of best podologists in Reims


Thomas Gillot

4.9 (on 44 Google reviews)
Located 1.8 km from the city center

Thomas Gillot is a pedicure-podologist from Reims, installed in his office since 2010, after having officiated for 1 year in Orleans. The great advantage of this podiatrist is his prices. Indeed, with a podological assessment at only € 30, it is one of the cheapest podologists in Reims. However, that doesn't make him a bad podiatrist! His patients praise his professionalism, his listening to patients and his ability to explain what he does. He can officer with diabetics thanks to his specialized services but also with athletes since he has a university diploma in sport podology. We therefore recommend Thomas Gillot for his affordable prices and listening to the patient.


Venice Podology Center

4.9 (on 40 Google reviews)
Located 1.5 km from the city center
The Venice podology center is made up of theAssociation of 5 podologists, who have united their skills to provide quality monitoring to their patients. They base their treatments on 5 approaches, for 5 types of patients: chronic, orthopedic, sports, children and seniors patients. If you come to consult a podiatrist, it is necessarily that you are one of these types of patients, in which case you can benefit from quality care of all types (postural reprogramming, k-taping, manual therapy, archaic reflexes and orthopedic soles ). Going to the Venice podology center, you will have the assurance of finding a solution to your problem.

Podology Center Venice Clinique


Justine Baillieux Pudicure Podiatrist

5.0 (out of 21 google reviews)
Located 2.6 km from the city center

Justine Baillieux is a young pedicure-podiatrist who has had her office since 2019. Although she does not offer orthopedic soles (unlike many podologists), she is probably The best pedicure in Reims and surroundings. Indeed, after her state diploma, she followed numerous training courses in particular concerning orthonyxia and onychoplasty techniques. But her biggest asset is the very special attention that she attaches to natural techniques. Indeed, she has undergone training on the contribution of aromatherapy, plantar reflexology and manual neurosensory therapy of the foot. As a result, it offers multiple pedicuria care, in office and at home.

Justine Baillieux Cabinet

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