Les meilleurs podologues de Montpellier

It is rather common to have sore feet, since we use them every day. However, it is necessary to clearly distinguish a simple fatigue from the feet and a Plantar pathology. To find out what is the state of your feet and have solutions, the best way is Consult a podiatrist.

So if you live Montpellier and the surroundings And that you have a pain in the feet, do not hesitate to consult one of the best podologists we offer. After a visit to their homes, you can without worries stroll through the pedestrian streets of the city center!

Our list of best podologists in Montpellier


Simon Granier - Pedicure -Podiatrist - Montpellier

5.0 (out of 35 Google reviews)
Located 1 km from the city center

Simon Granier is a young pedicure-podiatrist, who obtained his state diploma in 2015. However, his young age does not make him someone inexperienced. Simon Granier is an expert in sport podology but offers many other services. Although he can do pedicuria (in office and at home) and podological assessments, he is also competent to carry out orthopedic soles, orthonyxia and orthoplasties. We recommend Simon Granier for his professionalism, while keeping a very human character. He succeeded in obtaining the maximum note of 5 stars on Google, thanks to comments praising in particular his sympathy and his efficiency.

Simon Granier - Pedicure -Podiatrist - Montpellier -Cabinet



    Thanh Pham Podology Cabinet

    4.9 (out of 28 Google reviews)
    Located 1 km from the city center

    Thanh Pham has a podology cabinet in Montpellier, where he officiates in the company of Ms. Verger, a podiatrist too. This podiatrist has been working for 15 years, and has different diplomas in several areas, namely posturology, podo-pediatrics and plantar reflexology. Thus, it can offer you many services. You can therefore benefit from basic services such as pedicuria care or podological assessment, but also more specific services such as plantar reflexology and diabetics consultation. All these services are obviously offered in a office or at home (with a supplement). We recommend Thanh Pham as the most versatile podiatrist in the city, at reasonable prices.



    Charlotte Le Gallais

    5.0 (on 3 Google reviews)
    Located 350 m from the city center

    Charlotte Le Gallais has been working within the Podology Cabinet of the Encatement since 2011, the year to which she obtained her state diploma in a podiatrist. However, his apprenticeship did not stop there. Since then, she has undergone posturology and plantar reflexology training, so as to best satisfy her customers. Just like the people who have testified to their experience, We will remember Charlotte Le Gallais for her kindness and sweetness. In addition, it turns out to be the Best Podiatrist in Montpellier with regard to plantar reflexology. Although the price of a consultation is average, the orthopedic soles are not very expensive for podiatrist soles.

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