Les meilleurs podologues de Paris

As we gain age with the management of feet health becomes a necessity, not only for people of the second age, but also for people in whom feet arise like the Mycosis, The embodied nail and many others. Only, in this area there is a confusion in relation to the choice of the applied podiatrist in order to receive good results. So if you want to entrust your feet in good hands, we will help you by presenting you  Best podologists in the city of Paris.

Paris 1 podiatrist

Anne Morillon

4.6 (out of 26 Google reviews)
Located 4.9 km from the city center

      Anne Morillon is a specialist who offers multiple services, particularly in pedicuria, Orthoplasty, podological assessment, orthopedic soles and orthonyxia. She obtained her state diploma of pedicure-podiatrist at the National Institute of Podology (INP). And since then she has started to be the best in her field. Indeed, Ms. Morillon brings you a suitable treatment for your skin pathologies and also nails of the foot.

      In addition, to relieve you and correct the disorders linked to your feet, it achieves orthopedic soles in order to heal you quickly and permanently. She also takes in loads feet rehabilitation and the patient's balance following an operation. His affordable prices make Anne Morillon one of the best podologists in Paris 75001.

      • Agreed : Yes 
      • Vitale card accepted
      • Price of the services offered : between 30 € and 168 €.
      • Schedules : Open Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:15 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.; Tuesday from 9:30 am to 6:15 p.m.; Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      • Cabinet address : 27 rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris, France
      • Phone number : +33 1 42 60 74 35
      • 🔔 Cabinet location and opinion : https://goo.gl/maps/WMaqNbdz9k8uGpaf8
      • 👉 Make an appointment here : https://www.doctolib.fr/pedicure-podologue/paris/anne-morillon-paris 

      Podiatrist Paris 2

      Alexandra Lawson

      4.9 (out of 10 Google reviews)
      Located 2.7 km from the city center

      Alexandra Lawson is a pedicure - podiatrist which examines and provides care in the case of conventional podology. She obtained her state diploma in Paris IX Pedicologist in 1999. Over time, her field of expertise therefore extends into the orthopedic soles, orthoplasty, BS blades, plantar massages, and other cases.

      It should be noted that it also performs reflexology consultations, which it also validated training (in plantar reflexology) in 2007. Madame Lawson gives you the opportunity to benefit from her home care in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris . Her expertise and competitive rates make her one of the best podologists in Paris 75002.

      Paris 3 podiatrist

      Cécile Goethals

      5,0 (out of 21 google reviews)
      Located 2.0 km from the city center

      Cécile Goethals is a graduate State as a podiatrist pedicure and its primary objectives are to relieve your pain, maintain your mobility and increase your activity over time. So in her office she practices podology (podological assessment, sport podology, orthopedic soles), pedicuria and many other things (Orthotics for feet, postural assessment, Orthoplasty, ..).

      His office is arranged in a welcoming way, in fact, he is accessible for all kinds of people including the disabled. In addition to having a patient and compassionate ear, Madame Goethals makes every effort to make it comfortable and satisfy her customers. It is highly recommended because of its affordable prices, which makes it The choice of predilection among the podologists of Paris 75003.

      Podiatrist Paris 4

      Patrick Payet

      4,9 (out of 28 Google reviews)
      Located 2.3 km from the city center

      Patrick Payet is a practitioner and passionate about sport, he naturally turned to the Sports podology completed by posturology In order to have a more global vision and a more complete management. He obtained 3 diplomas on podology and also carried out a plethora of training.

      Now in his office, he strives to operate in the service of France and more specifically in Paris and he offers an exquisite service, moreover his firm is equipped with high -performance and modern equipment to help him make the most diagnostics real possible. And he also has collaborators to help him in his tasks so that he can easily take care of each patient. His competitive rates make him one Best podologists in Paris 75004.

      • Agreed: Yes 
      • Vitale card accepted
      • Price of the services offered : Between € 10 and € 290.
      • Hours: Open Monday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. From Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
      • Cabinet address: 11 rue du Petit Musc, 75004 Paris, France
      • Telephone number: +33 6 64 06 25 30
      • 🔔 Cabinet location and opinion : https://goo.gl/maps/wsuw3cBsVQfQtszA7
      • 👉 Make an appointment here: https://www.doctolib.fr/pedicure-podologue/paris/patrick-payet

      Podiatrist Paris 5

      Bruno Malet

      4,3 (out of 11 Google reviews)
      Located 41 km from the city center

      Bruno Malet, offers services in the field of pedicuria-podology. He is a graduate of the National Podology School (INP) who has become a specialist applied in his work, the latter is a podo-chorusist which is able to build the foot in its integrity. Indeed, from a medical prescription and after examination of his patient, he designs, adapts and adjusts shoes or orthopedic soles as a function of the need and the size of the patient, and all this he does with a lot of thoroughness .

      You can trust this Paris 75005 podiatrist because his prices are unequal.

      Podiatrist Paris 6

      Odile Chérubin

      5,0 (out of 5 Google reviews)
      Located 4.6 km from the city center

      Odile Chérubin is a former student of the Boris Dolto school from where she graduated from a pedicure - podiatrist in 1984. She is a lady who has so many years of experience in her field and as a proverb says: gray hair reveals .  Then Madame Chérubin is a renowned pedicure -.

      Indeed, she masters: pedicuria, orthoplasty, podological assessment, the manufacture of orthopedic soles, the plantar orthosis and many other things. Come and benefit from better care at Podiatrist Odile Chérubin. The prices of this podiatrist are unusual to Paris 75006.

      • Agreed: Yes 
      • Vital card not accepted
      • Prices for the prices of the services offered: Between 5 € and 150 €.
      • Hours: Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      • Cabinet address: 57 rue Madame, 75006 Paris, France
      • Telephone number: +33 1 45 44 06 02

      Podiatrist Paris 7

      Pauline Mehu

      5.0 (out of 13 Google reviews)
      Located 7.9 km from the city center

      Pauline Mehu specializes in pedicuria services. It emerges from the National Institute of Podology by being graduated from the State of Pedicure-Podiatrist. She is a brilliant woman who puts seriousness and kindness in her service. Its field of expertise extends to the level of the pedicuria, the podological assessment and the design of the orthopedic soles. In fact, pedicuria care is intended to treat skin conditions (Durillons, Cors, Perdrix Eye, Callosity Talonnière etc.) and foot nails (embodied and encrusted nails, thick nail, yeast infection, etc.).

      Pauline receives you with kindness in her cabinet which bears the name of Agereau paramedical center. For the sake of understanding, she receives everyone there, that is to say children, adults, third age and even athletes. It lets perceive excellent prices among the podiatrists of Paris 75007.

      Podiatrist Paris 8

      Victor Brissot

      4,9 (on 66 Google reviews)
      Located 6.5 km from the city center

      Pedicure-podiatrist (state graduate), Sport podiatrist (D.U.) specializing in podo-pediatrics, Victor Brissot receives patients and performs consultations within his podology firm. It is important to note that this cabinet meets the standards of hygiene and cleanliness in the face of the pandemic of COVID-19, so you have no worries to do when the serenity of the place. That said, as a good practitioner he is Equipped with the equipment necessary to protect you and protect yourself.

      His office receives people of all kinds: children, adults, elderly, sports, non -sporting, in short, he is willing and able to help as many people as possible. In addition, he does not do his work with automation or routine, he associates each type of consultation and suitable care.

      Victor Brissot is a specialist who gives you many opportunities, the proof is that he knows how to design four types of orthopedic soles: classic, thermoformed, thermo welded and 3D; Thus giving you the possibility of choosing the device that will suit you best. His relatively low rates make him one of the best podologists in Paris 75008.

      Podiatrist Paris 9


      5,0 (out of 9 Google reviews)
      Located 4.7 km from the city center

      Estelle Faict is a podiatrist pedicure released the National Podology Institute in 2004. Its field of expertise extends over pedicuria, the podological assessment training, the production of orthopedic soles. So when she receives you in her office, Estelle Faict provides you with pedicuria care as part of foot infections, especially diabetic and for hygiene and maintenance care.

      It also receives for consultations with podology and manufacturing of orthopedic and orthoplastic soles. So getting consultation at home represents great pleasure, because it has a broad and deep vision of things. His prices are very competitive, Reason for which she is very popular as a podiatrist in Paris 75009.

      Paris 10 podiatrist

      Uguen Florent

      5.0 (out of 5 Google reviews)
      Located 2.8 km from the city center

      Mr. Uguen Florent, is a podiatrist from Paris 75010. He has a state diploma in pedicure-podiatrist emerged from the Regional Training Institute for Pays-de-Loire rehabilitation and rehabilitation (IFM3R) in 2013. The service it offers you is to analyze and assess The morphostatic and dynamic disorders of the foot and then to develop a diagnosis of pedicuria-podology while taking into account the static and the dynamics of the foot as well as their interactions with the locomotor system.

      Thus, Uguen Florent is ideal because it benefits from the free reception of patients and the right to diagnosis and prescription. His prices are adapted to everyone. Being one of the best podologists in Paris 75010, it offers affordable prices.

      Podiatrist Paris 11

      Flora Knaepen

      4,7 (out of 90 Google reviews)
      Located 1.6 km from the city center

      Madame Flora Knaepen specializes in the fields of Pedicure, Orthoplasty, podological assessment, sport podology, the manufacture of orthopedic soles, postural assessment and plantar orthosis. Indeed, Madame Florence is a graduate pedicure podiatrist of the EEPP and she treats the pathologies of the skin and the nails of the foot.

      She also takes care of the rehabilitation of the feet and the balance of a person following an operation, and so far she has always stood out for her work. Its prices are really accessible, This means that it is really recommended as a podiatrist in Paris 75011.

      Podiatrist Paris 12

      Nicolas Chavatte

      5.0 (on 3 Google reviews)
      Located 4.1 km from the city center

      Nicolas Chavatte is an impressive podiatrist from Paris 75012 who made the Saint Michel podology school. His field of expertise extends on: osteopathy, pedicuria, orthoplasty, podological assessment And the realization of the orthopedic soles and therefore the pedicure-podologist Nicholas takes care of all the affections of the foot: Cors, durillons, plantar warts, embodied nails.

      On medical prescription, he manufactures orthopedic soles, for people with malformations. In his workshop, he produces the most practical and discreet soles possible, to maintain their originality and Above all, pointing out your work as a quality. His prices are very affordable.

      Podiatrist Paris 13

      Hugo Valentin

      4,9 (on 40 Google reviews)
      Located 4.2 km from the city center

      Hugo Valentin is a podiatrist pedicure specializing in: the pedicuria, Orthoplasty, posturology, podological assessment, sport podology, the design of the orthopedic soles, the postural assessment, orthonyxia, the plantar orthosis. It's a D.U. Therapeutic education, prevention and chronic diseases - Faculty of Medicine of Sorbonne University of Promotion 2021 and graduate of State of pedicure -podiatrist - Boris Dolto school - EFOM released in 2915.

      He receives you in the paramedical office having other training courses in parallel with his field, Mr. Hugo masters his work welcomes you for your acts in medical pedicuria (Care, treatment of horns, warts, embodied nails, orthoplasty). His prices are among the best in Paris 75013.

      Podiatrist Paris 14

      Marie Audoueineix

      4,5 (out of 4 Google reviews)
      Located 5.5 km from the city center

      Marie Audoueineix is ​​a state graduate in podology pedicure, national of the National Podology Institute in 1990. Following this, it focuses on pedicuria, orthoplasty and orthonyxia. She is so applied that she is recognized by her skills as a podiatrist from Paris 75014. She receives by appointment and takes care of the acts of orthoplasty (laying of toe orthotics) and orthonyxia (pose nail orthotics).

      It also supports pedicuria care (durillons, embodied nails, still yeast infection). Marie Audoueineix is ​​dynamic and is close to the rules of good manners by holding to receive her patients in a warm atmosphere and with great availability, In order to make them comfortable and allow good consultation. His prices are competitive.

      Podiatrist Paris 15

      Abdel Hammoudi

      5,0 (out of 7 Google reviews)
      Located 7.7 km from the city center

      Abdel Hammoudi is a podiatrist pedicure, one of the best bets 15. This professional carefully takes care of the rehabilitation of accidental or recently operated people. Through different exercises he gives you, he tries to make you find a more approach insured and normal.

      And to carry out his task until being recognized here, he has used and continues to use a lot of tact and patience towards his patients. It is strongly recommended as a podiatrist in Paris 75015. His prices are simply excellent.

      Podiatrist Paris 16

      Gaëlle Zemmour

      4,3 (out of 6 Google reviews)
      Located 9.3 km from the city center

      Gaëlle Zemmour is a podiatrist pedicure Who obtained her diploma in 1999 from the National Institute of Podology, then she followed in 2000 a training in reflexology and posturology at the CERA to increase her knowledge and his know -how. Her areas in which she is an expert are: pedicuria, posturology, The podological assessment, the podology of sport, the postural assessment, the plantar orthosis.

      Indeed, she strives to improve her since 2005 and she has acquired experience in both pedicuria and podology. She therefore treats several foot diseases such as the embodied nail. It is ideal if you are looking for a Paris 75016 podiatrist. His prices are simply exceptional.

      Podiatrist Paris 17

      Serge Helbert

      4,8 (out of 107 Google reviews)
      Located 6.1 km from the city center

      Serges Helbert has been a posturologist for 31 years, specializing in the analysis and treatment of disorders. He is a renowned man.

      Podiatrist Paris 18

      Valérie Leblanc

      4,2 (out of 26 Google reviews)
      Located 6.4 km from the city center

      Valérie Leblanc is a podiatrist whose reputation is well established in Paris 18.

      Podiatrist Paris 19

      Azoulay Sidney

      4,5 (out of 23 Google reviews)
      Located 6.1 km from the city center

      Azoulay Sidney is a podiatrist pedicure whose field of expertise concerns: podology, orthoplasty, ionophoresis, orthonyxia, plantar orthosis, podological assessment, posturology, the postural assessment, the manufacture of orthopedic soles, onychoplasty, pedicuria, sport podology. So many areas of activity, it is remarkable.

      Note that Azoulay Sidney has a state diploma in pedicure-podiatrist out of the Danhier school of Pedicuria Podology of Saint-Ouen in 2004. In addition, he also participated in training by D.U. Multidisciplinary care of the diabetic patient in his pathology of the foot in CHU Toulouse 2006. With all this knowledge, sir is available at your service in his center which has air -conditioned care rooms equipped with dedicated devices to medical pedicuria, including a laser machine for the treatment of nail mycoses, and an ionophoresis device (hypersudation). The center is equipped with a scanner and a 3D printer. This technology provides increased and rapid precision for the manufacture of your orthopedic soles. Which class !

      Podiatrist Paris 20

      Françoise Danoun

      4,6 (out of 13 Google reviews)
      Located 6.1 km from the city center

      Françoise Danoun is a podiatrist whose area of ​​knowledge extends over the Posturology, the podological assessment, The podology of sport, podology, the manufacture of orthopedic soles and postural balance sheet training. It is a lady who does her work with class and clearly. When she receives you in her office, all the premises are air conditioned, she is at your entire disposal for 1 hour following what she delivers to you: an assessment Podological and podometric static and dynamic and the immediate delivery of thermoformed soles.

      With this list that we have just drawn up we are convinced that you will find your account. So if you live in Paris Or close to there and you have foot problems, give one of these podologists a chance and you will not be disappointed, they are the best.

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