Les meilleurs podologues de Marseille

It is very common today to encounter foot problems. Whether you are young, less young or adult, it may happen that you are faced with plantar warts, Durillons, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and calcaneal spine. It is therefore a question of opting for the services of a podiatrist. This is the reason why we took the trouble to list for you the best Marseille podologists. So could it be that you lived in Marseille and that you wanted to find a quality podiatrist? So continue to read to find out much more

Marseille podiatrist 1

Louisa Mebtoul

4.5 (out of 8 Google reviews)
Located 10 km from the city center

Louisa Mebtoul offers you many services in the field of orthoplasty, orthonyxia, plantar orthosis, podological assessment, and even the postural assessment. She has a diploma Helb's state of pedicure-podiatrist. To this end, Louisa Mebtoul is an excellent specialist in feet and provides you with a good diagnosis to ensure the best treatment there is.

It also helps you restore many feet problems like the plantar warts and dorillons. Louisa Mebtoul is the podiatrist you need if you need orthopedic soles. It is therefore highly recommended because of its affordable prices.

Podiatrist Marseille 2

Emilie Audoueineix

4.2 (out of 12 Google reviews)
Located 5.3 km from the city center

Émilie Audoueineix offers podiatrist pedicure services in the 2nd rounding of Marseille. These different services relate to many areas such as the design of orthopedic soles, pedicuria, and the podological assessment. Émilie Audoueineix has a state diploma diploma and training on the management of diabetic foot. 

It can therefore treat diseases and problems Like the flat foot, plantar fasciitis, and Calcanese spine. Émilie Audoueineix is ​​highly recommended because of her expertise and experience as a podiatrist and practicing in her cabinet Marseille 2. She is not only professional, but also warm with one of the Best prices in Marseille.

Podiatrist Marseille 3

Moalic Erwan

4.8 (out of 4 Google reviews)
Located 10 km from the city center

Moalic Erwan is available to receive you in his podiatrist office in the 3rd rounding of Marseille.  He is exclusively specialized in the fields of pedicuria, of podology, postural assessment, and a podiatrist assessment. He has a state diploma diploma-podiatrist.

The particularity of Moalic Erwan is to design orthopedic soles for its patients, in order to ensure the latter a speedy recovery. In addition, Moalic Erwan helps you restore whatever your foot problem, including plantar warts, cors and durillons, etc. It is therefore ideal for all your foot problems, because it guarantees you extreme satisfaction Because of his expertise. We recommend Moalic Erwan for his professionalism and his competitive prices.

Podiatrist Marseille 4

Olivier Rouzaud

4.4 (out of 7 Google reviews)
Located 2.8 km from the city center

Olivier Rouzaud is experienced in the fields of orthoplasty, of podological assessment, sport podology, orthopedic soles, and also, of the plantar orthèrse. He has a state diploma diploma-podiatrist. To this end, Olivier Rouzaud supports various foot problems, Without forgetting pathologies directly linked to skin and nails of the foot.

Having great expertise in the field of Pedicuria-Podology, Olivier Rouzaud is the reference when we talk about the best podologists in the 4th roundabout. It offers professional and quality service to all its patients as evidenced by its customer reviews. Olivier Rouzaud offers you an excellent price As for the design of the orthopedic soles, which is why it is very in demand.

Podiatrist Marseille 5

Damien Parayre

4.5 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 7.1 km from the city center

Damien Parayre offers everyone a podological assessment services, Podology of sport, postural assessment, posturology, plantar orthosis, and even orthopedic soles. He has a state diploma diploma-podiatrist. For this purpose, Damien Parayre offers you the solution to various feet problems After doing a meticulous exam. According to the results of the analyzes carried out, the latter could make you orthopedic soles within short time.

It is therefore the choice of predilection if you want to be consulted as soon as possible and in order to find extreme satisfaction with your problem. Damien Parayre is one of the best podologists in the 5th roundabout Because of its welcoming character and affordable prices.

Podiatrist Marseille 6

Clémentine Vallon

4.1 (out of 51 Google reviews)
Located 7.8 km from the city center

Specialized in the fields of pedicuria, orthoplasty, posturology, assessment podological, orthopedic soles, postural assessment, and even orthonyxia, Clémentine Vallon is there for you. She has a state diploma of pedicure-podiatrist of the Marseille Podology School (EPM). To this end, it brings innovative solutions to your foot infections, and to all the pathologies linked to the ankle, the knees, and the hip you can have.  Despite the fact that you are an adult, a teenager and even a child, you can find your account.

Clémentine Vallon is therefore the choice par excellence If you want to obtain orthopedic soles that will be able to compensate your illness optimally. Both sympathetic and patient, Clémentine Vallon is very sought after with regard to the design Orthopedic soles at low prices in the 6th rounding of Marseille.

Podiatrist Marseille 7

Romain Berard

4.3 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 8.7 km from the city center

Romain Berard Available postural assessment services, podological assessment, and plantar orthosis. He also offers care in posturology in his office in Marseille 13007.

He has a diploma state of pedicure-podiatrist and training in posturology. Romain Berard is very experienced to treat feet problems such as plantar fasciitis, and calcaneal spine. The latter is one of the most experienced podiatrists in Marseille as demonstrated by many opinions. Romain Berard is an excellent podiatrist in Marseille, because his prices are very accessible.

Podiatrist Marseille 8

Benjamin Allal

5.0 (on 20 Google reviews)
Located 7.9 km from the city center

Expert in the fields of podology, orthoplasty, of podological assessment, and of plantar orthosis, Benjamin Allal guarantees you optimal monitoring. In reality, he has an osteopath diploma, and a state diploma diploma. It is also trained in sport podology, in podo-diabetology, in child's podology, and structural osteopathy. Benjamin Allal performs a very good consultation and performs directly in his office of the orthopedic soles if necessary. He treats the different footaches like flat foot and plantar fasciitis.

Benjamin Allal takes care of diabetic patients and also takes care of children.  The expertise of Benjamin Allal And his affordable prices make him one of the best podiatrists in the 8th.

Podiatrist Marseille 9

Delphine Brière

5.0 (on 2 Google reviews)
Located 3.7 km from the city center

Delphine Brière offers everyone services in her pedicure cabinet Podiatrist in Marseille 13009. It has a state diploma in pedicuria-podologist from the Marseille podology school. Thus, Delphine Brière is the choice of predilection in terms of the design of the orthopedic soles.

Thanks to his experience, the latter Take charge of rehabilitation of the feet and balance of each patient after an operation, or an accident. Delphine Brière particularly treats all skin and foot nails pathologies. Delphine Brière This is one of the best Podologists in Marseille because of its competitive prices.

Podiatrist Marseille 10

Emilie Houdemer

4.7 (out of 28 Google reviews)
Located km from the city center

Emilie Houdemer has been a podiatrist pedicure for about four years. She obtained her state diploma of pedicure-podiatrist at the Marseille podology school (EPM) in 2018. She acquires experience over time by practicing in the cabinets : the beautiful of May and the paramedical center Michelet. She therefore becomes an expert in the fields of pedicuria, orthoplasty, the podological assessment and in the manufacture of orthopedic soles.

Madame Houdemer spreads her knowledge widely by providing you with two podology firms in which she takes care of your skin and your feet. It also ensures your rehabilitation to ensure your balance following a disease or an operation. One of the cabinets is the Chantecler clinic and the other the Medical 10 medical office whose addresses are located below. So she is one of the best to rescue you if necessary because of her pleasant prices.

Podiatrist Marseille 11

Florent Nicolaï

4.9 (out of 7 Google reviews)
Located 9.1 km from the city center

Florent Nicolaï offers many services in the field of pedicuria, orthoplasty, posturology, the podological assessment, the orthopedic soles, and also the plantar orthosis. He has a state diploma diploma, training in sport podology, and posturology training. He takes care of a very large number of feet problems like embodied nails, and plantar fasciitis.

Florent Nicolaï is available in his podiatrist's office in the 11th in Marseille in an emergency regardless of the feet problem in question. He also takes care of patients with diabetes. To this end, do not hesitate to choose Florent Nicolaï if necessary. He is the par excellence podiatrist in this area at Marseille because of the quality of its services and its prices.

Marseille podiatrist 12

Laurent Poussou

4.7 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 11 km from the city center

Laurent Poussou  is a podiatrist who holds a medical and sporting podology office, located in Marseille. Having obtained his state diploma in pedicure-podiatrist at the Marseille Podology School (EPM) in 2006, he specialized in the making of plantar orthotics (orthopedic soles), orthotics of toes and tailor -made splints. He also masters orthoplasty, podological assessment, sport podology, the manufacture of orthopedic soles, postural assessment and plantar orthosis.

It is important to note that Mr Laurent does not apply a routine during the consultation. Depending on the reason for consultation, it offers the assessment or analysis that is best suited to you according to your case. And as a treatment after the exam, he proposes the realization Thermoformed or proprioceptive plantar orthotics for children, adults and sportsmen who are designed in optimal and tailor -made time in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the service provided.

Podiatrist Marseille 13

Christophe Cipriano

5.0 (out of 9 Google reviews)
Located 19 km from the city center

Christophe Cipriano has a perfect mastery in the fields of Kinesio Taping, podology, orthoplasty, orthonyxia, sport podology, and postural assessment. He has an inter-university degree in clinical posturology, training in Kinesio Taping, and a state diploma in pedicure-podiatrist. Christophe Cipriano takes care of your different Feet problems, it doesn't matter whether it are flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or calcaneal spine.

Once you have been consulted, he can prescribe orthopedic soles which he takes the trouble to achieve himself in his podiatrist in the 13th roundabout For better recovery. The experience of Christophe Cipriano is very popular, as well as his very competitive prices.

Marseille podiatrist 14

Thomas Furioli

4.5 (out of 8 Google reviews)
Located 5.1 km from the city center

Thomas Furioli is a podiatrist specializing in the fields of orthonyxia, orthoplasty, pedicuria, podological assessment and orthopedic soles. He is a state graduate who has been practicing for 4 years in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille. At the end of his studies in podology, the latter decides to open his podiatry. Its institute is open to a very large audience and of all ages, in order to help as much people as possible.

It also offers consultations in preventive and curative executives, in order to ensure your health. So if you are at Marseille 14 And whether you have a foot concern or an apriori compared, do not hesitate to be consulted at Thomas Furioli, because it is the feet that support the body. Take advantage of the prices affordable of this podiatrist.

  • Agreed: Yes 
  • Vital card not accepted
  • Prices for the prices of the services offered: Between € 35 and € 120.
  • Hours: The cabinet is open Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. From Tuesday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. then from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. except Thursday evening which is 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Cabinet address: 4 av. Claude Monet, 13014 Marseille, France
  • Telephone number: +33 6 28 52 06 63
  • 🔔 Cabinet location and opinion: https://goo.gl/maps/erAbuf3DfpU9GLSw6
  • 👉 Make an appointment here: https://www.doctolib.fr/pedicure-podologue/marseille/thomas-furioli

Podiatrist Marseille 15

Vanessa Semmar

3.0 (out of 4 Google reviews)
Located 7 km from the city center

Vanessa Semmar specializes in the field of pedicuria-podology. She graduated from the Marseille Podology School. She has been an individual entrepreneur and has been active for 3 years. This lady is a specialist in the activities of rehabilitation professionals, equipment and pedicologists.

This is how it makes and provides you (after you are consulted and examined) soles orthopedic, orthotics For feet and nail orthotics. She devotes herself so much in her work, This is the benchmark for the 15th because of its good prices.

 In short, regardless of the foot problem you encounter, you have the possibility of choosing one of the podologists on our list and being viewed. We are sure that each of these podiatrists will be able to bring you a real satisfaction thanks to their expertise.


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