Pourquoi utiliser des semelles orthopédiques pour soigner les maux de dos ?

🔥 9 out of 10 French people say they have already suffered from back pain, according to an OpinionWay survey for Vexim. With the generalization of working at home, and a work environment less suitable for good posture, back pain is the evil of the century which tends to become widespread. Massages or osteopathy sessions can help relieve your pain, but not treat the cause of the problem.

How to treat your back pain problem in the long term? And why can wearing back pain relief insoles help you?

The benefits of orthopedic insoles for back pain

Back pain

In reality, just because you have back pain does not mean that the source of your pain is located in this area. Very often, back pain reflects a problem with posture or skeletal alignment. 🩺

Poor support, an unaligned pelvis, one leg shorter than the other or flat feet can also cause poor posture or gait, which leads to chronic back pain in the long term.

Also, to treat your back pain, treating your plantar problem often turns out to be the solution.

👣 Orthopedic insoles, by correcting your posture and support problem, will relieve your back pain immediately, and provide you with a long-term correction.

Treating scoliosis with orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles for back pain

Scoliosis is a tortuous deviation of the spine in all three planes of the spine. space inclination in the frontal plane, rotation of the vertebrae in the plane horizontal, and inversion curvatures in the sagittal plane. 🩺

With the omnipresence of screens, both at work and in personal life, scoliosis has become a common problem. Leaning over our mobile or our computer screen, we don't adopt good posture for our back and neck, and this often results in a shift of the pelvis or curvature of the spine.

👩‍💻Improve your workstation Opting for a raised monitor and a comfortable office chair is a first step to saving yourself from more unnecessary back pain.

👟Wear some orthopedic insoles for back pain is a second step. For example, back pain acupuncture insoles will not only give you a pleasant massage at every step, but will also allow you to better distribute foot support and adopt a better posture on a daily basis.

Easy to wear, they are changed every 2 years for better effectiveness.

Coupled with osteopathic or chiropractic treatment for example, wearing orthopedic insoles to treat scoliosis can prove very successful over time.

Wearing orthopedic insoles for sciatica

Sciatica or sciatic neuralgia is a sharp pain felt along one of the two sciatic nerves. It is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. This can be very painful, since the throbbing sensation mainly affects the buttock and thigh, and can extend to the foot. 🔥

Sciatic neuralgia is generally treated with anti-inflammatory medications or local injections given by your doctor.

It is strongly recommended not to stop any sporting activity during sciatica: Staying moving is indeed important to help you pass the pain, even if it doesn't go away at first. ⛹‍♀

That is why It is important to wear orthotic insoles for back pain during your daily walk

What type of orthopedic insole to wear for back pain?

It is important to choose memory foam insoles for back pain that hug your foot, this will ensure better support and better protection from shocks.

👣 For back pain, magnetic insoles back pain massages may be recommended. The texture of this insole stimulates your metabolism through acupressure under your feet. This is ideal for stimulating blood circulation and ensuring better posture on a daily basis. 

If you suffer from a plantar problem at the root of your back problems, it is obviously advisable to wear orthopedic insoles adapted to your pathology: insoles for flat feet, insoles for plantar fasciitis, insoles for tendinitis, insoles to support the arch foot… 

Plantar acupressure insoles

Where to buy it?

If you suffer from chronic back pain, then do not hesitate to consult your doctor to see precisely where your problem comes from and how to treat it. 🩺

In the event of a serious pathology such as scoliosis, or other plantar pathology, you may be redirected to a licensed podiatrist. In this case, you can benefit from tailor-made orthopedic insoles for back pain.

💸 These insoles will certainly be adapted to your problem and will provide you with immediate relief and gradual correction, but they are generally expensive. Allow several hundred euros for custom-made orthopedic insoles for back pain.

Please note: The Social Security reimbursement rate for orthopedic insoles is 60% of the convention rate. However, the orthopedic insoles must have been ordered on medical prescription.

For a more economical solution, do not hesitate to turn to purchasing orthopedic insoles online. Available for all pathologies, these insoles are not made to measure, but can be cut to fit your size, and above all you have several budget and model options.

In short, online, there is something for all prices and needs, and these orthopedic insoles are as effective as custom-made insoles.

Conclusion : 

Wearing orthopedic insoles in the case of chronic back pain is strongly recommended. Not only will this help relieve your pain immediately, but also treat your posture problem in the long term.

For optimal effectiveness, however, it is recommended to combine the wearing of insoles with osteopathic or chiropractic treatment in order to work in depth on your posture problem. 

Obviously, consult your doctor beforehand in order to receive an accurate diagnosis of your back pain.

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