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👣 Orthopedic insoles, by acting on your support and posture, can help you instantly relieve your knee pain. 

So why wear knee pain relief insoles? How it works ? And where to buy it? We tell you everything you need to know about knee pain. 

Common causes of knee pain

knee pain

How to properly care for your knees? First of all, you need to know what caused your pain to be able to benefit from the appropriate diagnosis.

💥 The causes of knee pain are numerous and varied:

  • knee tendinitis
  • cruciate ligament
  • fracture of one of the cartilage bones
  • damage to the menisci (cracks)
  • strained or ruptured ligaments due to a sprain
  • etc…

In each case, the intensity of the pain and its location will vary, and this will give you an indication of the real cause of your pain.

 Of course In case of intense or chronic knee pain, it is essential to consult a doctor quickly to carry out a health diagnosis. 🩺 Only he will be able to advise you on a suitable treatment, and whether wearing orthopedic insoles would suit you or not.

Why wear insoles to treat your knees?

🦵 The knee being a free joint it is a key part of the body for our mobility. It is considered the “jack” between the hip and the foot, since part of the muscles inserting on it end in the foot and ankle. 

Also, providing comfort and additional support to your arch using orthopedic insoles acts directly on the alignment of your knee, its tension, and by extension its relief.

If you suffer, for example, from a knee sprain or tendinitis, in addition to a splint or strap to wear that your physiotherapist will undoubtedly recommend, wearing knee insoles can help you.

Insoles for knee pain act on the soles of your feet to provide:

  • better support
  • better shock absorption
  • alignment of your foot and knee

Some specific insoles for knee pain also provide other considerable benefits for your health.

Orthopedic insoles for knee pain

What type of insoles to wear?

In the case of knee pain, foot reflexology insoles can bring you the most relief.

These special insoles work on precise acupuncture and acupressure points to reduce your pain and reduce muscle fatigue.

Your foot is well aligned, you have better support pressure, and it helps you rest your aching knee due to your health problem.🙏

Of the magnetic insoles are also effective in treating your knee pain. Thanks to magnets placed on precise energy points of the arch of the foot, you maintain energy balance and stimulate your body with each step.⚡

In the end, it's like you're getting a massage with every step you take, benefiting not only your knee pain, but your entire body.

Does it work ?

In general, even expert specialists and podiatrists recommend wearing orthopedic insoles in case of knee pain. 

Their power of long-term pain relief and overall realignment of the skeleton is recognized by all, and orthopedic insoles are generally a tool for treating pain on pain.

⚠However, the results obviously vary from one individual to another., depending on their age, weight, and initial pathology.

It is also obvious that in the event of a fracture or trauma to the knee, simple orthopedic insoles will not be able to help you and that it is essential to consult.

It's up to you to see if wearing orthopedic insoles relieves your knee pain.

Foot reflexology insoles

Where to buy it?

It is possible to buy orthopedic insoles for your knees at multiple points of sale.

First of all, it is possible to order custom-made knee insoles through your doctor or a podiatrist. This may be recommended in the case of foot or knee pathology, with long-term treatment.

💵 Please note that custom-made soles are generally expensive, and require replacement every 2 years.

Some pharmacies also carry knee pain insoles, but you may not find your size or the exact model you are looking for.

You will find the largest selection of knee pain insoles online. Not only will you find a wide choice of knee insoles adapted to your pain, but also on a low budget.🛒

On Smartfeet you can discover a wide range of orthopedic insoles depending on your pain, pathology, objective, etc.  


If orthopedic knee insoles do not allow you to treat your knee pathology in all cases, they nevertheless provide rapid pain relief and can help you heal in the long term.

Also, the benefits of insoles for the knees are only positive in cases of chronic pain or knee pathology. If you want to benefit from a natural treatment, simple to implement and accessible, do not hesitate to turn to suitable knee insoles.

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