Les 7 meilleurs podologues à Nice

Do not neglect your nails and feet with the best podology services in Nice.

Are you installed or passing through the City of Nice Or its surroundings?

Do not go for it, the first podiatrist, with your foot and the discomfort you feel. A pedicure or a feet treatment, rhyme with a professional of great experience and an extraordinary reputation. Notices count, and we did the job for you!

Discover without further delay, the best podologists in Nice that our team has selected you. An updated, verified list and to offer you a varied choice according to selection criteria that we study with great attention.

Our list of best podologists in Nice 

Delphine Marchand

5.0 (out of 57 Google reviews)
Located 2.0 km from the city center

Delphine Marchand is not in the top of our list by chance. She is a podiatrist, and welcomes you with her colleague Maëlle Lafon for various podology and pedicure services. Podological assessments, orthopedic soles or posturological assessments. Treat your embodied nails, crevices or honeycomes in a session dedicated to pedicuria care. Remedy your Calcanean thorn, your plantar fasciitis and enjoy the great experience of Delphine Marchand. The Cabinet of Podology-Pedicuria Marchand-Lafon accompanies you in a nail reconstruction in flexible resin, the use of devices for the correction of the hyper-lobby of a nail or other possible diseases and solutions.

Cabinet Delphine Marchand


Grégoire Mathon

4.7 (out of 14 Google reviews)
Located 2.0 km from the city center

Grégoire Mathon is a state graduate (de) and welcomes you in his cabinet podology Grégoire Mathon for the manufacture of your soles, a clinical examination and a podological assessment to deal and others. It supports diabetic patients adapted and tailor -made. If you are looking for a biomechanical correction for your soles, know that this practitioner is Biomechanical correction specialist With the latest advanced technologies available at your service. The podological assessment is produced by computer baropodometry and the soles with thermosouding and/or thermoforming.

Cabinet Grégoire Mathon


Karine Biaudet

4.0 (on 3 Google reviews)
Located 2.1 km from the city center

Do you bother you annoy you? A recent nail psoriasis? A trachyonychie? Then make an appointment in the office of Karine Biaudet, a podiatrist pedicure that takes care of your skin, nails and feet diseases. Karine Biaudet makes you orthopedic soles at Very attractive and very high quality price. This practitioner accompanies you in all your feet rehabilitation sessions, and for balanced training after operations or accidents. A graduate of the National Institute of Podology, she has been carrying out her activities since 1994 with an important portfolio of customers in the city of Nice and its surroundings.

Karine Biaudet cabinet


Alice Mangold

4.8 (on 16 Google reviews)
Located 2.0 km from the city center

Alice Mangold graduated from the National Institute of Podology (INP), and has been exercising her functions since 2013 in her Gorbella care center. It offers in particular: sport podology, tailor -made plantar orthotics, a postural assessment as well as care for footwear disease: onychomycosis, mycosis, deformations, dystrophies, discolorations and other embarrassing concerns aesthetically or in the life of all days. Alice is distinguished by its flexibility, and the fairly fast appointments that she can offer in her calendar. The Gorbella care center supports many athletes every year, with amateur or professional level.

Alice Mangold cabinet


Clémentine Caillol

5.0 (out of 7 Google reviews)
Located 1.8 km from the city center

Clémentine Caillol welcomes you in her office for pedicuria care, tailor-made orthopedic soles and any podological assessment necessary for athletes, post-traumatic or for a particular reason. Clémentine is Very active for home meetings, and offers services at very accommodating prices. This practitioner takes urgent requests, and processes patients by offering a small number of sessions to proceed step by step, to solve the problem in question. Its premises are suitable for posturology care, and possible diagnostics for a concern for position, adjustment or walking.

 Cabinet Clémentine Caillol


Célia Molina

5.0 (out of 14 Google reviews)
Located 3.5 km from the city center

Graduated from the State in 2013, Célia Molina welcomes you in her comfortable podology pedology cabinet, and in compliance with all hygiene rules. It offers care for pedicual pathologies such as embodied nails, cors, calluses, etc. Célia offers a complete clinical examination, before carrying out plantar orthotics. This process concerns foot deformations, pain in the knees, pelvis and back and the lower limbs. Célia supports you in your efforts for management in terms of health insurance and for diabetic people.

 CELIA MOLINA cabinet                            

Laura Guillaud

5.0 (out of 5 Google reviews)
Located 3.0 km from the city center

Laura Guillaud offers her podology and pedicuria services in the city of Nice and its surroundings, and specializes as a sport podiatrist, and in biomechanics. It is also formed in K-TAPING and in the child's podology. You can treat your epidermal pathologies, as well as nail with pedicuria. If you are looking for sports soles, you will be able to share the sports environment with Laura and start a posture diagnosis. If you suffer from a calcaneal spine, a plantar fasciitis or a metatarsalgia, you can contact Mme. Laura Guillaud through a session in the office, or even at home.

  • Agreed : Yes✅
  • Price sections of the services offered : from 30 € to 150 €
  • Schedules : Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Cabinet address: 12 rue de France, 06000 Nice
  • Phone number : 04 93 87 20 32
  • 🔔 Position on the cabinet map: https://goo.gl/maps/hTEbrVs1QUPqHnL46
  • 👉 Make an appointment here: https://www.doctolib.fr/pedicure-podologue/nice/laura-guillaud

 Cabinet Laura Guillaud

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