Les 7 meilleurs podologues à Bordeaux

Your feet and nails deserve the greatest attentions.

Live yourself in Bordeaux Or in its surroundings?

Trust the first health professional for your affections and your podological treatments may seem like an impossible thing. A minimum of effort allows you to access important information that proves the good reputation of your next podiatrist.

If you do not arrive, through your professional or personal entourage to land an appointment, then we have what you need! Discover the Best podologists On Bordeaux in this article updated and prepared by our team.

Our ranking of the best podologists in Bordeaux

Olivier Croizat

4.3 (out of 6 Google reviews)
Located 1.6 km from the city center

If you are looking for a podiatrist well -located, and a few meters from the Place de la Bourse, then Mr. Olivier Croizat will welcome you to his cabinet of podology and pedicure shared with Mrs. Christine MATRAT. If you are looking for a Support even in the event of emergencies, and one Remote monitoring after consultations So you're in the right place. Mr. Croizat graduated from the university in Podology applied to sports and physical activities. Its in addition, which is an essential asset for athletes: His passion for the race On foot, the race in kind and the marathons. This is what makes him closer to his patients with his practical advice and his explanations within everyone's reach. Availability From this practitioner are excellent although he does not take consultations on Saturday. Google opinions come together to confirm the good location well served by public transport, as well as professionalism and seriousness by M. Croizat.

  • Agreed : Yes✅
  • Price sections of the services offered : from 38 € to 100 €
  • Schedules : The cabinet is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
  • Cabinet address : 91 Courses d'Alsace-et-Lorraine, 33000 Bordeaux
  • Phone number : 05 56 52 53 47
  • 🔔 Position on the cabinet map: https://goo.gl/maps/RDb7h1f2dG3HXwRn7
  • 👉 Make an appointment here: https://www.podologie-croizatmatrat.fr/ 

Guillaume Davant

5.0 (out of 10 Google reviews)
Located 4.2 km from the city center

Guillaume Davant specializes in the Posturology, Podiatric training courses, THE K-TAPING training as well as The Podology of Sport in Bordeaux. What distinguishes this podiatrist is undoubtedly video and computer analysis thanks to a podometric digital platform. The practitioner can also carry out Orthopedic sole In his office according to the results obtained on site. Mr. Davant emphasizes the diagnosis of pain, and the imminent or progressive relief of these pains. A Complete postural examination is possible from the first session thanks to the equipment available in the Podology pedicure firm where Mr. Davant welcomes you for 45 -minute consultations. Small packages are available and at prices just for your progressive needs over time. If you practice a sport in the list provided by this practitioner, you can remedy disorders or suffering from this medical center.

Laurine Stosse

5.0 (out of 6 Google reviews)
Located 1.2 km from the city center

Graduated since 2016, Laurine has established herself with her practice of pedicure-podology in Bordeaux. The health center is located in the city center, with a easy access in public transport. The center also offers orthopedic soles as well as tailor -made plantar orthotics. Accepting checks as well as bank cards and the species, Laurine is very welcoming, smiling And professional. To enjoy the Best feet, don't forget to ask for a pedicure and other possible care at the first appointment. A suitable price For podological consultation, home care at just prices, and pedicuria care at justified prices vis-à-vis the quality of service and The important experience of the practitioner. Discover Laurine by reserving a consultation. This practitioner accepts new patients.

Chloé Combes

5.0 (out of 8 Google reviews)
Located 2 km from the city center

If you don't have a medical prescription, no worries! You will still be received by Mrs. Chloé Combes graduated from The National Institute of Podology (INP). Chloé offers an à la carte service in her office, as well as a flat -rate pricing If necessary for the treatment of the wart. If you wish to resume sport after a short or long period of stopping and suffering, then this podiatrist is Excellent and recommended for thermoformed orthopedic soles. A scalable price Depending on the age of the patient, which is logical and appreciable. Admission for emergencies requires a small supplement, but nothing aberrant if you are concerned about your state of health. If you are accompanied by a loved one or a guest who does not speak French, Chloé offers his services in the Shakespeare language.  Another positive point will be devoted to Ms. Chloé Combes for her children's work and publications, and the experience she has for very young patients.

Arnaud Chapuis

5.0 (out of 7 Google reviews)
Located 1.1 km from the city center

 Arnaud Chapuis is distinguished as a pedicure-podiatrist, by his very good prices at the height of the quality service and services he offers. In parallel, he accumulated a set of training and important certifications In this area since 2019. Please note, bank cards have not yet been accepted in the office, but you can pay in check and cash. A Handicap access is available to make access to you if necessary. The sharp specialty of Mr. Chapuis is the Biomechanics of the lower limb, as well as the analysis and treatment of Postural dysfunctions. According to online opinions, the firm is renovated and very well maintained, the practitioner offers sustainable solutions and limiting the number of consultations for the property of the patient. The little extra, hides behind the Advice and explanations Very well presented for patients who develop a significant culture on various subjects around their pathologies.

Laure Boucher

4.8 (out of 17 Google reviews)
Located 0.7 km from the city center

Laure Boucher has been a podiatrist since 2003, and continues to train In various fields : American biomechanics, walking analysis, posturology, motor preferences ... and attending conferences. This practitioner can treat the excessive sweating thanks to Hyperhydrosis treatment. For athletes, it is possible to make a Analysis of your race walk from your stride. Laure also accompanies you in the choice of your sports shoes, and your sporting accessories. In the field of posturology, the specialist offers you a Correction of the bodily diagram Using posturology soles. Laure collaborates with osteopaths, dentists and speech therapists if necessary to complete the care and care of the patient. Laure practiced for 7 years in Lyon, before settling in Bordeaux in 2011. Find out what it can offer you according to your particular case, by making a first on -site consultation.

  • Agreed: Yes 
  • Price sections of the services offered: from 17 € to 119 €
  • Schedules: The cabinet is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Cabinet address : 9 rue Luflade, Bordeaux
  • Phone number: 05 56 52 19 63
  • 🔔 Position on the cabinet map: https://goo.gl/maps/d6Qd8JAaKGRB6f5j7
  • 👉 Make an appointment here: http://laureboucherpodologue.fr/

Clémentine Lalande

4.9 (out of 13 Google reviews)
Located 4.3 km from the city center

Clémentine Lalande is a pedicure-podiatrist graduated from the French School of Orthopedics and Masso-physiotherapy in Paris.  Google opinions come together around the Professionalism of Clémentine, as well as her sympathy and kindness. It is trained in posturology, which is appreciable for sharp requests and difficult cases. Clémentine offers the orthoplasties as well as orthonyxia as devices. Our practitioner explains that the design of tailor -made soles goes through several stages: the interrogation with the patient, the clinical and complete examination of the foot, the selection and the work on the materials and finally the test and the monitoring of the sole. Clémentine can intervene with patients with a Postural impairment syndrome. The podology firm is accessible by bus and VCUB, and parking lots are available to park for free.

  • Agreed: Yes 
  • Price sections of the services offered: from 25 € to 27 € for the soles according to the sizes.
  • Schedules: The cabinet is open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Cabinet address : 3 rue Armand Lamarque, 33800 Bordeaux
  • Phone number: 05 57 95 39 07
  • 🔔 Position on the cabinet map: https://goo.gl/maps/UHm3BWFvxy3zG8KU8
  • 👉 Make an appointment here: http://www.podologuebordeaux.fr/index.htm

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