Comment choisir une bonne semelle orthopédique pour le sport

Whether you are a high-level athlete or a casual athlete, it is important to take care of your feet with suitable insoles! Running, walking, tennis, fitness... No matter what sport you practice, as long as there is movement, your feet are subject to impacts and shocks that must be counterbalanced with the right protection. For this, orthopedic insoles for sports are a solution. What is a sports insole? How it works ? What is the price ? Keep reading to find out!

orthopedic sports insole

What are orthopedic insoles for sports?

👣 A orthopedic insole for sports East a type of sole specially designed for sports practice. Its shape and construction can change depending on the sport practiced, but overall, it is a type of sole that absorbs shock and allows the foot to be well held in the shoe.

The orthopedic insole for sports is worn only during sports practice and is different from orthopedic insoles for the city.

There are also multi-sport insoles, which adapt to the activity you practice and can be used for several occasions.

👟  The orthopedic sports insole is to be slipped into your tennis shoes before practice, in addition to the existing insoles of the shoes or not. It adapts to all existing sports shoes: running sneakers, trail sneakers, football shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, etc.

Orthopedic sports insoles

Why adopt them for your sports practice?

Orthopedic insoles for sports are beneficial for many reasons. First of all, they help protect your feet from the different movements and jumps that you make during your sporting activity. Their special material absorbs shocks for you, and thus protects your heels and your arch from problems or pain, such as plantar fasciitis.

But they don't just protect your feet: thanks to shock absorption, the soles also protect your joints, ankles and knees, spine, potential pain or pathologies. Indeed, we must not forget that the feet are the basis of our body, that we use them every day, and that it can be easy to forget to take care of them! With orthopedic sports insoles in your shoes, you provide your feet with good support and guaranteed protection.

Sports insoles also allow you to stay dry since they absorb perspiration, thanks to micro-perforations. Ideal when you tend to sweat a lot or practice intense sports in the heat! 💦

🏃‍♂ Finally, orthopedic insoles for sports simply allow you to be comfortable in your shoes ! Nothing better when you already have to put a lot of effort into your sport, or when you're on the move for a long time! With them on your feet, you can run a marathon (almost) pain-free!

Who are they intended for?

Far from preconceived ideas, sports insoles are not only aimed at very sporty people or professional athletes. Of course, they are essential for people who practice sport daily or who have made it their profession, but they are also useful for a large number of people!

🚴‍♂ As soon as you practice an impact sport (running, fitness, crossfit, trail, hiking, football, cycling, etc.) adopting orthopedic insoles is essential to protect your feet and stay healthy. Whether you practice this sport regularly or not, it is always useful to have sports orthopedic insoles on hand to be able to use them.

If you already suffer from plantar pain or knee or back pathologies, then wearing insoles during your sports practice will be obligatory for you. With the insoles, you will be able to practice your sport without pain, and above all, avoid any worsening of your health situation. Who knows, by wearing them regularly, you can even treat your pathology depending on its intensity, or significantly relieve your pain !

Orthopedic insoles for sports: how do they work?

THE orthopedic insoles for jogging and walking take the benefits of normal orthopedic insoles, coupled with features designed for sport.

For example, orthopedic insoles for sports have an ergonomic design which allows for better distribution of foot support, but are also designed in a material that allows perspiration to pass through, for example thanks to micro-perforations.

Since she is orthopedic, the special sports sole will adapt to your foot and provide you not only with better comfort in your shoes, but also with reinforcement in the most sensitive areas: heel and arch. Even in the middle of a race or championship, your foot will always be well maintained in the right axis, it will be protected from shocks and you will keep your balance.

What are the results ?

The results of your orthopedic sports insoles are visible in the short and long term. The first time you wear them, you will immediately notice better comfort in your sports shoes, and above all, better support and good protection for the foot. You may also notice how well the sole helps absorb shock.

👍 On the long term, you may notice relief from plantar pain, heel, or joint pain, which you may have after intensive sports practice.

If you suffer from foot pathologies, joint pathologies, or back problems, orthopedic insoles for sports will help you improve your condition, and allow you to continue practicing sport with complete peace of mind. You may also notice that the insoles help reduce muscle fatigue.

Of course, the results of orthopedic insoles for sports vary from one individual to another, depending on each person's physical condition and pathologies. It also depends on the type of sole you have chosen, and the “age” of your soles. The newer the soles, the more effective they will be. As indicated in the “what you should not do” section below, changing your sports insoles frequently is essential to see long-term results.

Which sports insole to choose?

The choice of your orthopedic insole depends largely on the result you want to obtain.

If you are simply looking for better comfort in your sports shoes, then basic sports orthopedic insoles will be perfect.

If you are looking for better support for the foot, with protection for the heel or the arch of the foot, you will have to look towards orthopedic insoles which have reinforcement in these areas, and ensure better distribution of support for the foot.

Finally, if you are looking for sports insoles to relieve a particular pathology, then you will need to find specialized insoles, for example to treat plantar fasciitis.
A solution also remains to create tailor-made sports insoles, thanks to a sports podiatrist approved.

What is the price of orthopedic insoles for sports?

💸 The price of orthopedic insoles for sports begins around 30€ for simple multi-sport insoles.

As soon as you seek to treat a particular pathology, the price of orthopedic insoles for sports increases, and can reach €50-60, or even 80 to 90€ for tailor-made sports insoles, made by a sports podiatrist.

However, it is important to note that orthopedic insoles for sports can represent an investment, but that this investment is long-term. Not only can sports insoles last you several years (it all depends of course on their frequency of use) but they also allow you to take care of your health at a low price. With them in your shoes, you can treat more or less serious health problems that may have bothered you for many years.

Are insoles reimbursed by social security?

As with all Health Insurance reimbursements, the orthopedic insoles must have been prescribed with a doctor's prescription.

Please note: only orthopedic sports insoles are partially refundable; sports insoles which do not treat a pathology and were simply purchased for comfort are not subject to the reimbursement system.

The Social Security reimbursement rate for orthopedic insoles is 60% of the convention rate. This reimbursement rate is suitable for normal orthopedic insoles, but the remaining cost can be significant if they were custom-made.

In this case, it is always interesting to have a mutual insurance company that can also reimburse part of it.

Reimbursement of insoles by the Mutuelle

The reimbursement rate for orthopedic insoles for sports by your mutual insurance depends on the mutual insurance you have and the plan to which you have subscribed.

To save you from reading the very small lines of your contract, The important thing is to check if your mutual insurance covers orthopedic prostheses, and what percentage is associated with them.

To calculate how much the mutual insurance covers, you will need to subtract the social security percentage from the displayed rate. For example, for 200% coverage shown, your mutual will only really reimburse 140% of the total for your orthopedic insoles. The remaining cost can still be substantial despite aid from social security and your mutual insurance if the sports insoles are tailor-made for a pathology.

What to do with sports insoles

Always wear your orthopedic insoles for sports only for your sports practice. If you have other orthopedic insoles for the city, use them.

Always remove your sports insoles from your shoes after finishing your sports session to air them out

To maintain them, wash your orthopedic sports insoles in warm, soapy water. Dry them well before putting them back.

In order to benefit from the best benefits of your orthopedic insoles for sports, it is important to change it every 12-18 months, or to have them checked by a podiatrist who can make the necessary adjustments.

What you should not do

It is not recommended to dry orthopedic sports insoles with a hairdryer.

It is not recommended to leaving your orthopedic insoles too close to a heat source (radiator, fireplace, etc.)

He is It is not recommended to ever remove your sports insoles from your shoes.

He is It is not recommended to use your orthopedic insoles for sports in water.

Conclusion :

Whether you are a great athlete or a moderate athlete, adopting orthopedic insoles for sport is always a good idea. Not only will this allow you to be more comfortable in your shoes, but also to prevent a pathology that could appear with sport.

If you already suffer from pain or a particular pathology, then wearing insoles can only relieve your pain and help you take care of your health.

In the end, investing in orthopedic insoles for sports is a small budget compared to all the benefits it can bring you. If you follow the recommendations given in this article, then you will be able to really improve your health and practice sport more peacefully. Tempted? Discover our entire range of orthopedic insoles for sports.

Orthopedic sports insoles for jogging and walking


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