Les Différents Types De Pieds

Did you know that there are different types of feet? Today, there are several, and each type of foot is of course associated with certain characteristics, a certain personality type and, above all, a particular foot model. orthopedic footwear.

However, on Smarfeetwe do our best to adapt our orthopedic shoes to all foot types, although there may be a few exceptions.

So let's find out what's behind each foot type, given that the main types recognized to date are : the the Greek foot, the Egyptian foot and the Roman foot.

The different types of foot

Egyptian foot

The Egyptian foot is not at all difficult to recognize, given that it's the most widespread form among the world's population. In fact, it's a plantar conformation in which the distinguished by its length, while the other toes taper off progressively, forming a 45° angle. However, while the Roman foot is considered to be stocky, the Egyptian foot is typically longer and more tapered.

The Greek foot

This particular foot shape takes its name from the tendency of the ancient Greeks to create sculptures and statues with feet that take on a rather distinctive appearance. In other words, the second toe is naturally longer than the big toe and the remaining toes gradually shorten until they reach the smallest of the whole foot. 

However, this shape was synonymous with sophistication and elegance in ancient Greece, and its reputation has not changed over time. Precisely for this reason, the Greek foot is also known as the "model foot".

The square or Roman foot

This is a foot with a particularly regular shape. In fact, it's a type of foot in which the same length as the second and third toess of the same foot, while the fourth and fifth are slightly shorter. 

Because of the regularity of its phalanges, the Roman foot is also known as the square foot. It's a little-known name, but just as interesting, since it seems rather stocky.

What's the perfect foot?

Although not considered the most perfect type of foot, the Egyptian foot, according to many opinions, proves to be easier to fit unlike the Greek foot. Being much more functional, it is characterized by toes that taper from longest to shortest, and is generally narrower.

Which is the most beautiful foot?

The Greek foot, with its tapered shape and elongated second and third toes, is undoubtedly considered the most aesthetically pleasing foot, so much so that it's also known as the "model foot".

What is the rarest foot type?

There's no doubt that the square foot, commonly known as the "Roman foot", is the rarest foot type, as it has three, and sometimes four, first toes. all the same size.

Common pathologies

In people with Greek feet, the repercussions on this type of foot are usually linked to the stresses generated by having the second toe longer than the big toe. Over time, these stresses become more pronounced and can lead to deformation of the joint between the first and second phalanges, which is why it can be referred to as claw toe.

As far as the Egyptian foot is concerned, however, it should be noted that in cases where the first metatarsal of the foot is longer than normal, it is possible that the foot may end up developing a "claw toe". Hallux valgus in the big toe joint.

Arch physiology

Flat feet

Knowing that the physiology of the foot depends on the footbedWhen the arch of the plantar arch collapses, we speak of flat foot. This is accompanied by a number of other deformations, such as the displacement of certain bones and the outward deviation of the heel. 

Hollow foot

The hollow foot is the complete opposite of the flat foot. In fact, the arch under the hollow foot rises very high and is very rounded. This type of foot has few points of support on the ground, which not only makes it unstable, but also puts excessive strain on the toes, leading to clawing, for example. However, people with sunken feet can experience difficulty maintaining a standing positionbecause of the pain involved.

Orthopedic shoes for every foot type

As not everyone has the same foot shape, and therefore cannot wear the same pair of shoes, it makes sense to know which shoes to choose according to foot type.

For people with Egyptian feet, it's important to ❌avoid shoes with narrow, closed toes and opt for shoes with enough room for the big toe, as well as sufficient overall width.

For Greek feet, shoes with pointed toes are more advisable, especially as they would offer enough space for the second toe, which is naturally longer. However, shoes with heels should be avoided, as they may push the toes forward.

For individuals with square feet, shoes with more room at the front of the foot are recommended. However, in Smarfeetall our orthopedic shoes are suitable for all these situations. Whether you're a man, a woman or a child, our shoes come in sizes that will fit your feet perfectly.

Choosing the right sports shoes for your feet

In general, athletic shoes should also fit the shape of the foot, as they are appreciated for their support as well as their comfort. Given that they are intended for sporting use, such as running, it is very important to take into account how the foot rests on the ground with each step. 

However, choosing the best sports shoes to suit your foot morphology or type will not only help you avoid pain, fatigue and of course potential injury, but will also have a big impact on your comfort level, your performance and the pleasure you derive from practicing your favorite sport. 

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